Bling Network

AS4242420212, Maintained by BlingWang (Aka @piezi on Telegram)

Network Map

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AS Path

AS Path

Peering policy

Feel free to peer with me via Telegram or Email. Currently all PoPs are only support WireGuard.

For consistency, I prefer multiprotocol BGP sessions over IPv6. For WireGuard + BIRD users, I recommend using link-local IPv6 addresses. If you have multiple nodes, especially across multiple continents, I also recommend setting up multiple links to improve redundancy and encourage the most direct routing.


Location Hostname 1 WG Public Key Tunneled IPv4 Link-local IPv6
San Francisco, CA U7PMoiNEBWVRqjs7YV9fpXZ1WOrhfpYjeg6IM77gb2k= fe80::2333
Beijing, CN 1cyxGvZ3/kIR3eyEsWWDcCdIvR5e+sq3sITtXze2fkQ= fe80::2333
Hong Kong, HK a2EUFUI6Zsu5l1sH2c/2dQXDokH1iM9ophK5YlLmNmg= fe80::2333
Nürnberg, DE (IPv6 only) Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Luxembourg, LU Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

1 : WireGuard local port will be last 5 digits of your ASN

About Peering

To establish a peer with me, the following information is required:

The node you would like to peer
Your DN42 ASN
Your tunnel endpoint
Your wireguard public key
Your tunnel link addresses: Tunneled IPv6, Tunneled IPv4 (Optional)
Options features: MP-BGP (Default on), Extended next hops (Prefered)